LibraSocial OpenHDIS

The Founders and Core team of Libra Social Research Foundation (LSRF) had promised, to the Government of India, to deliver a fully developed true opensource HMIS MVP. The opensource design was done by the LibraSocial core team in 2021-22. That has now been converted by LetsDoc into a fully working outpatient primary care EMR and Telemedicine MVP product.

LetsDoc product is ABDM M3 enabled. LetsDoc has donated the base product to Libra Social Research Foundation in opensource under MPL 2.0 license. As LSRF and LetsDoc continue to expand this seed, we urge all interested HealthTech Ecosystem stakeholders to join this community. 

You all are welcome to use the code and associated knowledgebase, as India's Digital Public Goods (DPG) for Health. Help us build an opensource community for primary care HMIS/EMR and other DPG's for Health around it. Let a thousand flowers bloom to achieve the LSRF vision of Health Equity for the Bottom of the Pyramid through Open Source Models on the Elastic Cloud.  

To view the LibraSocial OpenHDIS  Project click here <>
To view the LibraSocial OpenHDIS  Community click here <>
IIT Jodhpur has now joined the Librasocial OpenHDIS Community <>

For further details please contact Arun Kumbhat <>, Dr R Balaji <>, or Info LibraSocial <>,



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